2015 … So Last Year

Happy New Year! 

The year was 2015 and I didn’t give myself any resolutions or shall I say restrictions. 

I do what I want, if I want, when I want, with who I want, in moderation : ).

A new year, a new me? Not so much. I want to be the same me, just an upgraded version of the me from 2015. Last year was a fabulous one. I definitely put myself out on a ledge and challenged myself as a person in more ways that I had anticipated. “Who am I”, I asked myself this a lot last year and when I answered (because I always do) I was pretty impressed with the results : ). I wasn’t afraid to fail and if I did it was OK because at least I tried. I took on the role as Southwest Ambassador for Latino OutdoorsA beautiful platform where we come together to share our love for the Outdoors. I consider myself a lucky girl and may I continue to inspire and be inspired.

Biking & Blogging were 2 of the highlights for me in 2015. I put many miles on my bike last year exploring my city and making some amazing “rider” friends along the way. We rode for fun, we rode for charity, we rode for sanity, we rode because we could. The biking community in San Antonio is great for the soul. Fitness and fun at it’s finest.

Blogging was quite the adventure for me last year. There is a story in all of us, how and when we choose to share it can be a bit intimidating. Insecurities can easily run away with us. “I’m just me” will this be good enough? The question should have never been asked. I am good enough! We all are!  I have decided that there is no hurry in building my blog just like there is no hurry in going through life. What does matter to me is developing one where the foundation is strong. I will work on being fearless to become limitless!

Bye Bye 2015!




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