Afuera con Latino Outdoors and Texas Land Conservancy

Texas is my home! I grew up in San Antonio with the Texas Hill Country just a road trip away. Outdoor adventures are what the weekends were made for! I love exploring new spaces and connecting with organizations that share the same passion and love for Mother Nature.

A few weeks ago Latino Outdoors in Texas went on a guided hike with Texas Land Conservancy to Bear Springs Blossom in Pipe Creek, Texas. This property is home to multiple nesting pairs of endangered Golden-cheeked Warblers and rare hill country plants. Bear Springs Blossom is an oak/juniper woodland along limestone slopes. A magical place that someone calls home.

Keep Earth Beautiful

Keep Earth Beautiful” is the mission of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation. A special thank you to the landowners~Peter and Marianne Bonenberger for their work in conservation. It was so easy to get caught up in all they had to share with us about the land, space and wildlife. You can learn more about the 1000+ articles they have written and shared on their site here at Keep Earth Beautiful. Yes, 1000+ articles : ). Learning from the past for a better future.


This would not have been possible without Texas Land Conservancy  TLC is a non-governmental, 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting land all over the state of Texas.

They help landowners find an economical, realistic alternative to selling their land to a developer that allows ownership to remain in their hands and puts the responsibility of conserving the land with TLC. Many of these properties are working farms or ranches, while others contain important habitat for wildlife and native plant communities. All of these lands are beautiful examples of Texas’ natural heritage. TLC’s work ensures that economic viability and growth is balanced with what makes us Texan: our rural heritage, our open-spaces, our farms and ranches, our scenic vistas, and our natural resources.

You can sign up on their web site to get more information on how you can get involved in land conservation or attend an event at Texas Land Conservancy

Maren Mclaughlin-Klots~ Director of Partnerships & Outreach, thank you as well for arranging this for us. You planned the party and we just showed up. This was one of my favorite hikes to date and I think we all walked away with a new respect for the land we love and the land we live in.

“Learn how to live with the land, not off the land”~Peter Bonenberger.

We heard about the endangered Golden Cheecked Warbler, a species of bird that breeds in Central Texas. If we were lucky we would spot it!  Stephen Ramirez~TLC Stewardship Director and also fabulous photographer called out the elusive bird throughout the hike. Of course the bird teased us along the way and only made an appearance at literally the end of our hike. Thank you Stephen for not giving up. The Golden Cheeked Warbler magically appeared and perched right on top of the tallest tree for what seemed like forever and after we all had a great view it flew away back into the hills. What a great way to end our day. Lucky us : ).

In honor of Women’s History Month in March we thought we would honor the “La Mujer”. Check out all of these amazing Chicas blazing trails at all ages, sizes and color! Together we can conquer so much more.

Until the next time. Take a hike!

Fitfunand~Josie Gutierrez