Getaway 5K/10K at Mission County Park

Registration is now open for the Getaway 5K/10K .

This post is Sponsored by Vocalpoint and Getaway 5k/10k but no worries all opinions are my own : ).

The Getaway 5K/10K is a new race series that is hosted in various cities across the US. If you weren’t lucky enough to run it last year there is still time to sign up for it this year. This year’s race will be held at Mission County Park and that means plenty of FREE parking!

I can’t even begin to tell you how fun this race will be. They even have a Kid’s Fun Run and everyone gets a Custom Finisher’s Medal as long as you run, walk, skip or crawl across the finish line. With a beach themed celebration happening before, during and after the race.

Race Swag (not kidding)

  • 10K participants get a 1/4 zip pull-over jacket as their premium
  • 5K & kids race get a high quality soft cotton t-shirt
  • 2 beers (must be 21)
  • 2 tacos
  • Shaved ice in a color changing cup
  • A Custom Finisher Medal that doubles as a bottle opener and magnet (YEP)

This race is partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank  and will be making a donation to them at the race. So let’s getaway together.


I discovered the love of running a little over 10 years ago. I can honestly tell you I was hooked from the first 5k I ever did. I never in my wildest dreams think I could even walk 3 miles much less run them. With plenty of practice and fabulous running buddies we have run just about every trail in San Antonio : ). Well, maybe not every trail but just about, haha! If you need a running buddy just find me at the race. Disclaimer: I am not fast!!! I consider myself a social runner. I’m in it for a good pace but not too fast that I miss anything along the way. See y’all there!

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Fitfunand … FunSunRun.





The Little Latina That Did.

A happy SOUL a happy LIFE. 

FullSizeRender (25)



Melanie & I

A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting a sweet,smart and beautiful Latina by the name of Melanie. I was attending Cinefestival, a week of Latino film in San Antonio,TX. We started talking and she mentioned that she was a  Lifestyle Blogger at quemeanswhat.

What is a blogger you ask, well so did I? In a nutshell these are just some of the essentials a blogger does.

  • They write about what they find important and meaningful to them.
  • They share the above mentioned information through a Blog and or social media.
  • They have the ability to make money through blogging.

I thought this was amazing. To create, educate,learn and possible earn. I loved the concept and just had to know more. I met up with Melanie soon after and she answered all of my questions.

I was so inspired to also have my voice be heard. Melanie told me to talk about what I was passionate about and it was very clear to me. Fitness is a huge part of who I am, fun is how I like to live my life, and my family is my heart.

This is how Fitfunand was born. 20150926_090956-2

My blogging journey has been very positive. I have learned to be more fearless in exploring who I am and what I can do. I want to know more and do more in the hopes that I can inspire others to do the same. I do not consider myself a writer but if I write about what is in my heart I can’t go wrong, right? My life,my way!

I can definitely say that I took a leap of faith. Who would want to read about my life and my experiences? Fast forward a year later and I am blown away at what has happened.

  1. I reached over 100 blog subscribers.
  2. I worked on my first campaign with REI.
  3. I have made unbelievable friendships.
  4. I was asked to be the Ambassador for Latino Outdoors in San Antonio,TX.

My story, my way and if this is the beginning I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I am still a work in progress but I am happy. Happy to be a little more fearless and happy that I am taking more risks in discovering what more I am capable of becoming. I will forever be grateful that Melanie was put in my path and that I was unafraid to explore what I just knew in my heart would lead me to great things.

Latino Outdoors is family now and together we hope to share and explore our love for the outdoors.


My ultimate goal is to live to 100 with beautiful and crazy stories to tell and I can’t forget them if I write about them……LOL.

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My first steps …..Outdoors and Fearless!!!












Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!




I found out a couple of my co-workers were planning a day trip to Concan,TX and I of course invited myself. Concan  holds many memories for me and I was more than thrilled to share my love of the outdoors with the girls. I was able to show them some of my favorite watering holes and sweet camping spots.



We decided to go with Josh’s Frio River Outfitters for our tubes & shuttle. The place was super adorable with pretty much everything you would need to make your day or weekend a success in Concan. They also had pink tubes and the girls and I of course were super excited about that. We decided to do the almost 4 hr ride.  They drop you off at the beginning and pick you up when your done. There is plenty of parking at Josh’s but I do recommend calling before to check the river flow and try to be on the water no later than 11:00 due to possible crowding.

The girls and I had a blast as we tubed/swam and laughed our way down the Frio. The scenery along the way is breathtaking and there are many gorgeous spots to just pull over and have a picnic. I highly suggest packing your cooler with water/snack/fruit and your favorite beverages. NO GLASS CONTAINERS or STYROFOAM! NO LITTERING! PhotoGrid_1437324599343

The ride was over and we were ready to eat. We decided on Neal’s because of the location. It is about 1 minute away from Josh’s and we heard good things about it as well. The chicken fried chicken & the chicken fried steak were very tasty and the price was reasonable. Neal’s overlooks the Frio RIver and it was a great way to end the day, in the middle of the Hill Country.

Everything’s bigger and better in Texas so when we saw these huge Sunflowers on our way home we just had to stop and snap some pictures.



I am thankful for the amazing day spent with wonderful friends making beautiful memories : ).


Gas for the day $20.00 (if that).

Pink Tube rental $10.00 (with head rest & cupholder).

Snacks/beverages $10.00.

Tube shuttle $4.00.

Lunch $15.00.

Memories PRICELESS!!


Fitfunand ……..LIVE FOR TODAY.


A Relay Race (TEAMWORK).

What is a Relay Race?

A set mileage run by 2 or more individuals. A leg is the distance run by one person. The 1st leg will run his/her set mileage and then hand off a baton (a hollow cylinder) to the 2nd leg and so on. The anchor is your last runner for the relay and usually your fastest runner (never me : )), someone has to go a little slower to document the race with fabulous pictures.

A favorite out of town run but not too far is the Beach To Bay Relay. A six-leg marathon in Corpus Christi,Texas that Honors the Men and Women serving in our United States Military. No matter what leg you do, you will have no regrets, I promise! Medals to all finishers!!



The American Hero 25k Relay is another wonderful run set in San Antonio, TX. An event with the word Hero in it is sure to be a beautiful one.

It was established to raise funds for scholarships for cancer survivors (and other diseases and child abuse), to recognize our American Heroes and to promote track & field meets, running and athletic events in the San Antonio area. How could you not want to participate? Did I mention  ……  Medals to all finishers!!




The Carrabba’s Classic is a half marathon for individual racers as well as a relay event, with four-person teams completing a 13.1 course. This event offers a wonderful post meal with great entertainment and super giveaways. This event is also held in San Antonio,TX.



So whether your running a relay or an individual run, just know that the end goal is a better YOU!

Fitfunand … having the Faith that with my Family & Friends I will have Fun staying Fit.




The Art of Friendship

 photo 1 (9)My playground growing up was the apartment complex that I lived in. There cheap mlb jerseys was never a shortage of friends and youthful energy. I remember getting my first pair of roller skates and doing everything with them, even meeting my first best friend. Her name was Debra and once we realized we shared the same birth date, we were inseparable. 

We pretended to be twins and even dressed alike. Our innocence at the way we looked at life during our preteen years is so special to me. We ruled those apartments in our skates and during that time I learned that I was pretty good at rollerskating, kind of mediocre at dancing and just plain horrible at cheerleading. Debra .was the first person I felt a real connection with, it was so organic and natural. 

We are still friends to this day and I love her for being there to protect me, to guide me and to push me to do things I would never have done if she wasn’t in my life then and now.

My 70’s friend.

My twin friend.

My first friend.

My forever friend  (my little Debbie).

My High School library is where I met my next “bestie”. The connection again was undeniable!

20140817_104055-1Lorraine Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys was just what I needed heading into a new school. I knew no one and with her by my side I just felt  that I would be okay. She was fearless 2012 even at the age of 14. She was an old soul who already seemed to know all about life, love and everything in between.

Lorraine taught me that it was okay to be yourself even if that meant that wasn’t the norm ” love you, be you and do you”.  I grew stronger and wiser as a person Perfect because of her and to this day wholesale jerseys I cant go more than a couple of weeks without her advice or companionship.


My 80’s friend.

My fearless friend.

My teenage friend.

My lifetime friend ( Lolo).

IMAG0424I met Selena in my High School Drama class.  Everybody needs one of these friends, full of passion and a flare for the dramatic : ). It just makes life a little more fun.  Selena and I just understood each other without judging or thinking that anything we did was ever over the top….. haha! She is a constant in my life and in my “cast of character’s” she will always be a best friend, news mine.

My courageous friend.

My sister friend.

My Theatre friend.

My silly Selena.

PicsArt_1408995928417Ginger, just her name was enough to want to be her friend : ).  Ours was yet a work partnership that easily turned into a fit and fun relationship. We decided to join the local YMCA because after a couple of years at my work she was going to be a Bride Guide and Me her Maid of Honor….yikes!! Not only did she get married, we got fit. Running She was our next challenge and before we knew it we had run a full marathon together (26.2 miles). We were there for each other every step of the way. It was then I realized Show I had found a new passion in life. I fell in love with the journey to the finish line.

My work friend.

My marathon friend..

My “partner in crime” friend

My Ginger friend : )). 

I was drawn to all of these girls, teenagers and women throughout my life due to the strength they possessed. I am only stronger today because of them. I never had to be anybody other than me and that was good enough.

Supportive, Fabulous, Amazing, Genuine, Loyal, Funny and just plain Beautiful. The Art of Friendship.

Kat, you are beautiful and I love the sweetness in your soul and your voice is AMAZING!

Elaine, my cheap jerseys newest running buddy, thanks for always being there from the start line to the finish line. May we continue to run till we cant : ).IMG_11666969746410