Getaway 5K/10K at Mission County Park

Registration is now open for the Getaway 5K/10K .

This post is Sponsored by Vocalpoint and Getaway 5k/10k but no worries all opinions are my own : ).

The Getaway 5K/10K is a new race series that is hosted in various cities across the US. If you weren’t lucky enough to run it last year there is still time to sign up for it this year. This year’s race will be held at Mission County Park and that means plenty of FREE parking!

I can’t even begin to tell you how fun this race will be. They even have a Kid’s Fun Run and everyone gets a Custom Finisher’s Medal as long as you run, walk, skip or crawl across the finish line. With a beach themed celebration happening before, during and after the race.

Race Swag (not kidding)

  • 10K participants get a 1/4 zip pull-over jacket as their premium
  • 5K & kids race get a high quality soft cotton t-shirt
  • 2 beers (must be 21)
  • 2 tacos
  • Shaved ice in a color changing cup
  • A Custom Finisher Medal that doubles as a bottle opener and magnet (YEP)

This race is partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank  and will be making a donation to them at the race. So let’s getaway together.


I discovered the love of running a little over 10 years ago. I can honestly tell you I was hooked from the first 5k I ever did. I never in my wildest dreams think I could even walk 3 miles much less run them. With plenty of practice and fabulous running buddies we have run just about every trail in San Antonio : ). Well, maybe not every trail but just about, haha! If you need a running buddy just find me at the race. Disclaimer: I am not fast!!! I consider myself a social runner. I’m in it for a good pace but not too fast that I miss anything along the way. See y’all there!

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Fitfunand … FunSunRun.





Ready, Set, Cyclebar!

I am motivated by all types of Fitness and this weekend was a date with CYCLEBAR.

The CYCLEBAR story!

In 2004, Bill Pryor and his sister Alex Klemmer decided to create one of the first independent cycling studios in the country in their Boston neighborhood. Both Bill, then a corporate executive, and Alex, a stay-at-home mom, recognized that there were three key ingredients to a successful indoor cycling experience: great instructors, great music, and a great environment.



They opened their first dedicated studio a year later and have been perfecting their high-energy, cycling- focused concept ever since. Now, ten years later, Pryor and Klemmer have partnered with like-minded fitness enthusiasts to allow others to experience and benefit from the CycleBar experience.

I showed up at CycleBar in San Antonio, TX this weekend excited and ready to ride. I was greeted with enthusiasm and kindness from the moment I walked in. CycleBar is full of positive energy and I couldn’t wait to see “where the magic happens”, lol.

Challenge yourself, because you can!


If you register on line you can select a cycle and cycle shoes for the ride, totally recommend the clip in shoes!

A quick stop in the changing room allowed me to notice ponytail holders, bobby pins and wipes, OK … nice touch! They do provide a locker, towel, water bottle and even offer fresh fruit on your way out, not kidding!




  • Create a fun and accessible experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Ensure every CycleBar ride is an unparalleled multisensory, intoxicating journey.
  • Hire and retain the very best people.
  • Fuel each ride with amazing music, energy-enhancing video graphics and rider-specific performance data in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre™.
  • Deliver concierge-level service and an exhilarating experience that goes far beyond a great cardio fitness workout.
  • Rock the ride, each and every time.

I can honestly say that was truly one of the best work outs I have had in a while. Inspired to push myself with the help of a great instructor by the name of Brittany who’s motto is “do it with passion or not at all“. 

The CycleTheatre is a tiered theatre holding up to 55 custom bikes, two larger-than-life flat-screen TVs, personal data monitors, and a state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting technology that creates a multisensory experience.

I can’t imagine adding anything else that would make the ride that much more! The high tech stationary bike makes it easy to understand and less fumbling around to stay focused on the ride. Thank you at CycleBar for the experience.

I asked the group if they could describe CycleBar in one word and here we go … exuberant, intense, invigorating, sweaty, fun, rocking, enjoyable and amazing! 

What’s on Tap at The Bar?

  • Mashup Monday
  • Wine Down Wednesday
  • Throw Back Thursday
  • Happy Hour Friday
  • Concert Series Saturday
  • Brunch Sunday


(First time riders only.)


Facebook @CycleBarStoneOak


Instagram @CYCLEBAR






Fitness Fun with Get Fit SATX

Happy New Year!


It’s that time of the year … new hopes, new dreams and new resolutions.

One of the most popular resolutions is Health. It’s always at the top of my list … right next to happiness of course : ).

I love exploring different ways to stay fit all while having fun. The one constant in my life has been jogging. It’s the countless miles I’ve run that made me realize that I am capable of so much more. I am not the fastest runner out there but I cross the same finish line. This past December I ran my 24th Half Marathon in the rain with at least 7 miles in cold wet shoes. It just made my finisher medal all that much more rewarding.

Ask yourself, can I give more? The answer is usually Yes.


The running community is supportive and inspiring. I have trained with several running groups in the past and my personal favorite is GetFitSATX. You get your first week FREE! Athena & Joey Farias are the founders and Coaches that make up Get Fit SATX.  I met Athena at the local YMCA over 10 years ago. I remember her talking about training for the Boston Marathon and thinking “she’s crazy, who wants to run 26.2 miles and why so fast”, lol? I eventually got “crazy” myself and ran 26.2 miles too, haha.

Throughout the years I would see her at running events and although I wasn’t as fast she was, Athena was always supportive in cheering me on. That meant a lot and still does today. Athena and Joey have been able to combine healthy living through healthy eating and being physically active. Athena combines her personal experiences and formal knowledge to provide her athletes into achieving their personal best. I thought since fitness is on our brain why not share some great tips, advice and perhaps some motivation from one of San Antonio’s best, Coach Athena Farias. 

What inspired you into the fitness world?

Running gave me a way to cope with all the bad around me as a young girl. It saved my life! I wanted to be able to share how taking care of your physical health can impact your mental and emotional health in a positive way.

What is your most memorable achievement fitness goal?

My 50 mile trail run. I trained for 20 weeks and at least 6 of those weeks were in cold, wet weather. I remember one of my training runs was 26 miles. it was the most mentally challenging, my body was fine, my body didn’t hurt, my husband was there supporting and running with me, but for whatever reason my mind was weak. At the end of the run I just began crying and I couldn’t stop. It was like an internal flush because the very next day, I ran the strongest 20 miles ever!!

What is your best advice for someone who has never run or exercised but is looking to start?

Just get out there and do it. The only thing stopping you is YOU. Find something that you enjoy doing and do it! Grab a buddy too, to hold accountable.

Any do’s and dont’s while putting together fitness goals?

Do be very specific when setting goals for your health. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, have a number and have an end date. I will lose 10 pounds by Feb 28th.

Don’t be too hard on yourself … we are all human and we all may fall off the track, just remember to get back on track as soon as possible.

Easy tips on staying healthy while working out.

Drink water, it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Get the right gear for the activity you choose to do. Be sure to do a 5 minute warm up, a 5 minute cool down and a few stretches during your workout session. Don’t forget you can’t outrun or exercise a BAD diet!!

Athena is well known and highly respected in her field and has been featured on: Great Day SA, ISpeakfor.net TV, Races and Events and KABB – Health Segment.

You can contact her at:

Facebook: Get-Fit-SATX                                                                                                                                                                         Email: getfitsatx@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                Get Fit SATX

Athena Farias, MS                                                                                                                                                                                   CPT/CES/PES

If you are waiting for the right time to commit to be Fit & have Fun, it’s now!


Fitfunand … just RUN!


A 10 mile Texas Hill Country Run.


I am not a big fan of trail running but I do love me some Texas hill country so I signed up for a 10 mile outdoor run. The other options were a 20 miler or a 50K so my choice seemed like the best : ).

If you want to run off the beaten path then run in Texas. The Lighthouse Hill Ranch sounded like the perfect location to explore with an abundance of wildlife, 2 swimming pools, a waterfall grotto, ponds, numerous springs, 50 miles of trails and a creek side hot tub. The ranch has individual properties for rental and the Lighthouse happens to be one of them. The “Arc de Texas” is a unique wine tasting stop located in the ranch combined with unique accommodations. I was able to enjoy some wine there a few weeks prior on a girl’s day trip. It was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A must wine stop with incredible views and you can easily pull up to it from highway 281 in Johnson City,TX.


I think you can see why I wanted to run there and I wasn’t going to let the trails scare me away. I figured worse case scenario my buddy Elaine and I would turn it into a hike.

The event was put on by Run in Texas and it was properly marked and had plenty of stops with nutrition & hydration just the way they promised. I have gotten lost before on easier and smaller courses … LOL

A 10 mile run/walk/hike in the tough Texas hill country with a friend by your side, priceless!

Fitfunand ………. Ten Country miles Y’all!!!




A Relay Race (TEAMWORK).

What is a Relay Race?

A set mileage run by 2 or more individuals. A leg is the distance run by one person. The 1st leg will run his/her set mileage and then hand off a baton (a hollow cylinder) to the 2nd leg and so on. The anchor is your last runner for the relay and usually your fastest runner (never me : )), someone has to go a little slower to document the race with fabulous pictures.

A favorite out of town run but not too far is the Beach To Bay Relay. A six-leg marathon in Corpus Christi,Texas that Honors the Men and Women serving in our United States Military. No matter what leg you do, you will have no regrets, I promise! Medals to all finishers!!



The American Hero 25k Relay is another wonderful run set in San Antonio, TX. An event with the word Hero in it is sure to be a beautiful one.

It was established to raise funds for scholarships for cancer survivors (and other diseases and child abuse), to recognize our American Heroes and to promote track & field meets, running and athletic events in the San Antonio area. How could you not want to participate? Did I mention  ……  Medals to all finishers!!




The Carrabba’s Classic is a half marathon for individual racers as well as a relay event, with four-person teams completing a 13.1 course. This event offers a wonderful post meal with great entertainment and super giveaways. This event is also held in San Antonio,TX.



So whether your running a relay or an individual run, just know that the end goal is a better YOU!

Fitfunand … having the Faith that with my Family & Friends I will have Fun staying Fit.




A little Run, some Sun and Tons of Fun!

Outdoor activities are what I enjoy the most and finding ways to burn some calories in the name of FUN along the way …. ugghhh YES!!

Exploring new parks and seeing my City grow as I run/bike/jog or walk it makes me happy. I had some days off and decided to go on a bike adventure with my daughter.  I grabbed some water our sun screen and a selfie stick to document our ride. Yes, a selfie stick, $9.99 at the Valero Corner store ; ).

We decided to try San Antonio B Cycle. They have 55 special bike stations (Bstations) in downtown San Antonio in highly visible and trafficked areas and as far south as Mission Espada and as far north as the Witte Museum. San Antonio BCycle members will be able to pick up one of the gray bikes at any BStation and drop it off at any BStation. The price is super reasonable and you can check out the link below for more info. This was my first B Cycle ride but it won’t be my last …. fun,fun,fun!




The weekend was Mother’s day and since I am a mom of 2 and a proud grandmommy of 1, I decided it would be a great weekend to run my 20th half marathon (13.1 miles). One of the great rewards to running events is that they usually support a charity. The Fit Moms & Moms-to-Be FUN RUN supported “Helping Hands Comfort Bags,” an organization that brings hope, comfort, and joy during times of waiting. This organization gives comfort bags to children who are fighting a chronic disease, such as cancer.

It was a non-timed, fun-filled event where everyone ran or walked at their own pace. Choose your distance and achieve your goal, WE DID!! It was the smallest half marathon I had ever participated in but one of the most rewarding. I was reminded again on how precious Life is and how important it is to live it gratefully, graciously and with gratitude. We are Women hear us ROAR!

Helping Hands Comfort Bags Contact Information 


FITFUNAND … A Beautiful Weekend!


Fitness and Fun (according to me)!

DISCLAIMER – I am not a Personal trainer or a Certified Coach. I am just an ordinary Human who enjoys running here and there and everywhere!


Top tips that I would suggest in preparation for running your first ever 5k (3.1 miles).

I want the run to be super fun and enjoyable for you so before you even sign up for a run make sure that you are doing this for all the right reasons and not just because it’s the new fad and you want to impress the new guy or girl at work. Let yourself be the only reason they like you, confidence is sexy not stupidity : )).

Running long distance in any weather is challenging enough and I promise you that you will have to find your inner strength physically and mentally. The end results are bitter sweet. A longer run is always a sweeter finish and I constantly bring myself to tears when I know I had a good strong run. Be your own inspiration and in doing so you will inspire others.

I would suggest joining a local running group because they are great at helping you customize a plan for you. Support is key in making your run a success. These groups also keep you updated with local runs and often have discount codes that help when signing up to run a race.


A destination or themed run is so much fun. I have been known to get a little dirty all for a good run.








Be unafraid and as long as you have trained then just let your mind and body do the rest and always, always enjoy the experience. I personally feel most alive when I am running. My health is important to me and why not do exercise that makes me smile.

photo 4 (2)

Last but not least are my running buddies. A solo run is not as much fun as the miles I put in during training with my gals. The bigger the support the bigger the after party at the end of the run!!







I know one day I won’t be able to run, but today is not that day!!

Fitfunand……….all in the name of a good fun run : )).



Living, Laughing, Loving & Running

I am LIVING while I’m running.

I am SMILING when I’m running.

I am LOVING that I’m running.


My favorite part of a race is the whole race. The excitement at every Start line never gets old. Once the race starts it’s all up to me to make that journey a fun one to the finish line.











A running event usually sponsor’s a cause and it’s a great feeling knowing that not only do I run for me but for other’s. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could push myself to run 1 mile much less 2. In 2008 I ran my first Marathon 26.2 miles and that finish line is the sweetest to date.




20140420_182552 I have met the most amazing people, made the best memories and have nabbed some cool bling (medals) throughout the years.





Running found me in the form of a 5k flyer (3.1 miles) at my local gym 10 years ago and I am a stronger person because of it.




Running here, running there, running everywhere!











FitFunAnd … HAPPY!