She is my happiness, She is my life, She is my Daughter, who just turned 21.

It seems like just yesterday that my sweet daughter was placed in my arms. The days of her needing me seem less and less.  A child no more but in that place a beautiful and strong woman is emerging.

The magical age of 21 and to as a cheap NFL jerseys parent you always wonder if you’ve done enough.

  • Don’t open the door to strangers.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Say No to drugs.
  • Always wholesale mlb jerseys wear clean underwear.
  • Be strong.
  • Live Life to the fullest.

It was a day of happiness as we celebrated her big day with family and friends. A day full of love and laughter for the cutest 21 year old I know : ).

The gift her Mindfulness Dad and I gave cheap jerseys her was a trip to Vegas with no parent supervision ( what were cheap jerseys we thinking).  So as she was leaving for an adventure of a lifetime, I cried tears wholesale MLB jerseys of happiness and my heart swelled with pride as I looked at her all grown up, fearless and ready to rule the world.

I trust in her as a daughter just as she trust in me as her Mom.

Parenting Abadikan is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but the most rewarding. I will love her to the moon and back and may we continue to laugh, live and love!










FitFunand  …….. my Daughter!


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