The Art of Friendship

 photo 1 (9)My playground growing up was the apartment complex that I lived in. There cheap mlb jerseys was never a shortage of friends and youthful energy. I remember getting my first pair of roller skates and doing everything with them, even meeting my first best friend. Her name was Debra and once we realized we shared the same birth date, we were inseparable. 

We pretended to be twins and even dressed alike. Our innocence at the way we looked at life during our preteen years is so special to me. We ruled those apartments in our skates and during that time I learned that I was pretty good at rollerskating, kind of mediocre at dancing and just plain horrible at cheerleading. Debra .was the first person I felt a real connection with, it was so organic and natural. 

We are still friends to this day and I love her for being there to protect me, to guide me and to push me to do things I would never have done if she wasn’t in my life then and now.

My 70’s friend.

My twin friend.

My first friend.

My forever friend  (my little Debbie).

My High School library is where I met my next “bestie”. The connection again was undeniable!

20140817_104055-1Lorraine Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys was just what I needed heading into a new school. I knew no one and with her by my side I just felt  that I would be okay. She was fearless 2012 even at the age of 14. She was an old soul who already seemed to know all about life, love and everything in between.

Lorraine taught me that it was okay to be yourself even if that meant that wasn’t the norm ” love you, be you and do you”.  I grew stronger and wiser as a person Perfect because of her and to this day wholesale jerseys I cant go more than a couple of weeks without her advice or companionship.


My 80’s friend.

My fearless friend.

My teenage friend.

My lifetime friend ( Lolo).

IMAG0424I met Selena in my High School Drama class.  Everybody needs one of these friends, full of passion and a flare for the dramatic : ). It just makes life a little more fun.  Selena and I just understood each other without judging or thinking that anything we did was ever over the top….. haha! She is a constant in my life and in my “cast of character’s” she will always be a best friend, news mine.

My courageous friend.

My sister friend.

My Theatre friend.

My silly Selena.

PicsArt_1408995928417Ginger, just her name was enough to want to be her friend : ).  Ours was yet a work partnership that easily turned into a fit and fun relationship. We decided to join the local YMCA because after a couple of years at my work she was going to be a Bride Guide and Me her Maid of Honor….yikes!! Not only did she get married, we got fit. Running She was our next challenge and before we knew it we had run a full marathon together (26.2 miles). We were there for each other every step of the way. It was then I realized Show I had found a new passion in life. I fell in love with the journey to the finish line.

My work friend.

My marathon friend..

My “partner in crime” friend

My Ginger friend : )). 

I was drawn to all of these girls, teenagers and women throughout my life due to the strength they possessed. I am only stronger today because of them. I never had to be anybody other than me and that was good enough.

Supportive, Fabulous, Amazing, Genuine, Loyal, Funny and just plain Beautiful. The Art of Friendship.

Kat, you are beautiful and I love the sweetness in your soul and your voice is AMAZING!

Elaine, my cheap jerseys newest running buddy, thanks for always being there from the start line to the finish line. May we continue to run till we cant : ).IMG_11666969746410




















4 thoughts on “The Art of Friendship

  1. ~Josie is my BFF and ever and ever~
    From Library to Dance Clubs to Hot Tubs — I’ll always be grateful that you are in my life! Can’t imagine turning to the next chapters without you.

  2. Awwh, Josie I love this and I love this. And one thing with all of your sister friends is the laughter! We have had some great times and I love having you as my cultural partner in crime and our Chicana time together!

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