“The Perfect Run” recipe

The  perfect run (for me) consists of many factors. I have been able to participate in at least one running event every month for the past 10 years and by wholesale nfl jerseys now I certainly know what I vi like. I first wholesale nfl jerseys look for finisher medals, these are handed out just for finishing the race and not based on time. This is great for me since I am just never quite The fast enough and I blame it on my love of the run. I just never want Concept it to end : ).


Location, price, after party (food Glass and beverages), and the infamous swag bags (free goodies) are all considered before I register myself and fellow co-workers. I appointed myself the runner coordinator a long time ago and I guess so far so good.

I have learned IDEA over the years that runners come in all speeds. The LOVE  of the run is the best ingredient for “The Perfect Run”. We all cross cheap nfl jerseys the same finish line and while the times will be different our goals are usually the same, to just be the best that we can be!


  • $20. – 4.71 mile run in San Marcos, TX (tacos,beverages who and a t wholesale nfl jerseys shirt)
  • $10. – gas round trip from San Antonio, TX
  • $15. – 4 hour tube ride (after race fun)
  • FREE – Friendship & Memories








5 thoughts on ““The Perfect Run” recipe

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a “fun” run for awhile (5K or less), and these are some good tips. I hate running, but I think something themed may be fun to do with a group of friends. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. ive always wanted to do runs {well i dont run but i would walk them} and I have such a high regard for runners who do marathons. love your medals and wow! 10 years of great running memories is awesome 🙂

    • I ran my first Marathon at age 40 and I was never in athletics. If you ever need more info on getting started just let me know : ).

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