SATX Social Ride: Fit fun and my Bike.


SATX Social Ride

Fitness. Fun. Freedom.

I heard about this group of social bicyclists that would get together on Tuesday evenings to ride the streets of downtown San Antonio SATX Social Ride a little over a year ago. I met Yvette Hernandez who is one of the organizers and Ride Marshals and she invited me to take a ride. Yvette mentioned that they were on Facebook and that they would notify the group every week on the meet-up, the mileage and how much the course would challenge us on any given Tuesday and by challenges I mean hills.

I am totally social, I had a bike that was just sitting in my garage collecting dust, I was free on Tuesday nights and this “bike thing” sounded like a great way to burn some calories. It didn’t take me long to dust off my bike, put some air in my tires and find some friends willing to explore the city.

Ready. Set. Go.

We rode our first ride in 2015 with San Antonio Social Ride and we all still ride on any given Tuesday. It is the best ride in town! The wind in our hair and smiles on our faces. This “biking thing” has become near and dear to me and I am proud to say I am a member. Slow-rolls, hills, destination rides, theme rides, mural rides, rides for a cause and my all time favorite … biking to the spooky railroads tracks by the Missions during Halloween. Biking is freedom at it’s finest.

I was introduced to Jeff Moore who is the founder of SATX Social Ride and I just knew it would be a matter of time before I highlighted this group. Here is a quick Q & A with Mr. Moore, enjoy!

 How did you get into biking?

I started biking when I was about 5 like most kids in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember riding my bike to elementary school on the Eastside in all kinds of weather. I didn’t ride too much again until after college, when mountain biking was just getting popular.

I moved into a house close to downtown and began riding in the urban area in 2000. Downtown San Antonio was pretty empty of cyclists in those days.

How did the SATX Social Ride group evolve into what it is now?

I was riding from my house in Olmos Park Terrace with a few friends. Eventually a few others would join us and it became a crowd. I moved the starting and ending point to the Pearl parking lot in 2012. In 2013 I created a Facebook page and it grew from there. The first year we rode with 20 to 50 riders and kept it spontaneous. As the group grew so did our attention to safety and organization. It’s a complete team effort now that we regularly ride with over 250 cyclists.

What would you suggest for newbies wanting to try the group?

Wear a helmet, have lights on your bike and expect to have fun. Keep in mind that this is a social ride and not a race or workout. There’s no competition or ego needed on our rides. Definitely meet some new friends.

 Do’s and dont’s for cyclist?

Our biggest concern are cyclists who ride erratically and not predictably.

It’s important to realize that in a group there are cyclists all around you and it’s imperative to ride in a straight line. Don’t ride crazy and run someone off the road or clip someone’s front tire.

 Where do you see this group in 5 years?

We are currently forming a 501c3 (nonprofit) group. I want to make this a sustaining entity which carries on with the focus of safe social riding in the urban area.

We also support, and are actively involved, with many charitable and civic organizations. I’d like for this group to be an active force in making San Antonio known as a premier bike friendly city. That is a real challenge, but one that I think is possible.

Jeff Moore ~ SATX Social Ride Founder


This group is made up of many volunteers and on any given Tuesday they do their best to keep riders safe. They do ask very little of us bikers in return to make it a more enjoyable experience. Do your part to ride responsibly, courteously and legally. 

This to me is “Puro San Antonio” and I love it! You don’t have to be a professional to join or even have a friend to go with because you will walk away with many new ones and the most amazing feeling of “I did it”.

Make more of your life, Bicycle.

SATX Social Ride bike club is free to anyone, whether you choose to be added to the FB bike group or not, you are welcome to ride with us. It will be your responsibility to obey traffic laws and follow recommended safety precautions. The bike club is not responsible for any injuries, traffic citations, stolen/lost bikes or other personal belongings while participating ~ SATX Social Ride.

What are you waiting for?

Fitfunand … SATX Social Ride.

Here is a link on basic rules for biking in San Antonio,TX.

SA Bike Safety Laws & Ordinances



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