My name is Josie and when I grow up I want to be ….. !

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The pressure of getting up in front of my class at school and telling everyone what  I was going to be when I grew up was scary.

I was young and shy and still working on who I was to much less understand what my contribution to society would be.

I always knew that I just wanted to be happy in life no matter where my journey would take me but that could never be the answer. I would stand up and say …. a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, it’s what my teachers wanted to hear but I knew different.

My high school years were so much fun and filled with first love and wonderful lifelong friendships. My confidence grew partly due to my Theater years and it was  80’s  : )).

The year was 1986 and  I graduated from high school.  I went to college and had fun socializing and just being a young carefree me.  If I knew then what I know now … LIFE!

The birth of my two beautiful daughters in my twenties made my life so much more amazing.  I naturally became an expert on motherhood and I loved it!

The girls were less dependent on me as they grew up and I also realized that I had outgrown my clothes…..YIKES! My friend’s and I hit the lake walking and even joined a gym for classes.

We started to slim down and mastered almost every class at the gym. I saw a flyer one day for a 5 k (3.1 miles) and signed my friends and I up. I slowly worked my way up to running a marathon (26.2 miles) and the runs just kept on coming and so did my priceless finisher medals because I sure wasn’t blessed with speed : ).

I never became a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher and I knew in my heart that I never would. I became a MOM (who loves to run)!

I want to be adventurous in the roads that I take and in the process always stop to smell the wild flowers.  I am very passionate about my running and the outdoors and have grown so much as a person because of it. Exploring the world one mile at a time can be pretty amazing for the mind, body & soul.                                                                     

My name is Josie and when I grow up I want to be silly,courageous,fearless and fun!! 



Fitfunand …  finding the fun in your fitness and your life.


1. My dad Efrain Gutierrez is the first Chicano filmmaker.

2. I was in the first Chicano film “Please don’t bury me alive/ Por favor no me entierren vivo” 1976.

3. I am a proud Latina and I do speak Spanish thanks to my abuelita.

4. I was Thespian president my senior year in High school.

5. I created a reality show about life and current events in the 90’s and it ran on public access T.V.

6. I am my Mom’s favorite, probably because I’m her only child.

7. I was named after my beautiful mom Josephine so I am technically Josie Jr.








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